I’m Psychedelically Gifted

In my dream this morning someone had invented a drug for marketing purposes that allowed the user to create realities for their audience to inhabit. It was more than virtual reality in that those dosed with the drug passionately leapt into these ideational spaces, completely enamored of the premises and their identities within them.

I was in the lab where the drug was invented and the lab techs were the first converts, becoming the euphoric apostles of the drug itself, of the idea that such power was a blessing. I was unaffected but fascinated by the bacchanal unfolding before me, which not only altered behavior but opened up dimensional doors the technicians giddily slipped through.

I followed them down to a bridge by a fountain, where rocking horse people… Wait, no, to a music club, where I snuck in a side door to watch what was going on. One of the doctors found me hiding and sprayed me with the drug, meaning to dispose of me in this way.

I swore that I’d find him again, shouting, “I’m psychedelically gifted!!”

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