Rise of the Virtuous Victim

Victimhood is now the primary mantle of legitimate power. The Social Justice movement makes this explicit, as demonstrated by the constant need for apology from anyone not deemed a victim, as a means of obtaining some sort of indulgence for whatever power or position they happen to hold. The absence of victimhood implies illegitimacy. Competence is no longer a valid qualification within a culture where all persons holding positions of authority are judged in terms of how well they represent a balancing of the scales of demographic equity. Victimhood is a jealous God.

Yet the unique status conferred by victimhood runs deeper, cutting beneath ideological lines. At this point it is victimhood, rather than any particular competence, that gives an aura of sacred legitimacy to that champion of the anti-SJW resistance, Donald John Trump… Deep State Jesus, whose second coming many eagerly await. This victim status, cultivated relentlessly by Trump himself through a litany of real assaults jumbled up with claims of massive election fraud, has elevated the Donald to near divinity in the minds of his supporters. His victimhood is their victimhood.

So we see that on either side of the cultural and political divide, by far the strongest claim to legitimacy is held by individuals and groups who pass as virtuous victims. Unfortunately, the mantle of virtuous victimhood is especially attractive to people who manifest what psychologists call the Dark Triad of narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy. In short, we are primed as a society to give power to the very worst sort of people.

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  1. Diane D. White says:

    I just found this site and read all the posts. You give me new awareness and insights about various 20th/21st Century social re-engineering strategies to achieve specific types of cultural change and power shifts. As a Christian, I fear nothing on this Earth and humans have no moral authority over me, nor will any form of human government rob me of my convictions. Yet of course I must finish this mortal life in whatever society develops. Your posts through March 2021 illuminate and clarify certain troubling issues for me — thank you. I do wish there were further posts. Events continue apace and yours is a voice worth hearing.

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