What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Lots of people blame the Russians, misogyny, James Comey, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein. Apparently, this is all God’s fault.

There’s one particularly interesting part in this generally horrifying video. One part that’s interesting in an unusual way.

Most of it’s interesting in a “holy fuck but American evangelicals are crazy” way. At one point, though, the coauthor says something that suggests to me that these crazy evangelicals are holding some part of the Truth otherwise lost to the secular culture with which they are locked in Apocalyptic conflict. She says,

“As I read this prophecy, I saw the Father’s rhythm, throughout the whole prophecy. And I recognized the rhythm… a frequency, you could call it… because God has His own Frequency.”

[I added the capitalizations as seemed theologically appropriate.]

So there it is: God has a Frequency. Before you discount the idea as more American evangelical bullshit, reflect for a moment on the fact that this same idea is a staple of the New Age. And before you discount it as more New Age bullshit, remember that it’s not far from the idea of TAO.

In fact, I’m going to say it’s the same idea, whether they know it or not. And whether you know it or not, either. More to the point, it’s exactly the idea that secular materialist thought can barely even conceive.

Remember the Great Beginning, the T’ai Chi; what is commonly called the Yin-Yang symbol. One side represents articulated thought, the Humanist Enlightenment; the other side represents the Mystery Religion. The White can hardly even conceive of the Black, and yet there’s the Black, as something like the eye of the White.

It’s rather easier to illustrate by means of LSD, but the insight rarely survives the trip. That insight found a secular language in the ideas of fractal geometry, of self-organization and infinite informatic recursion. It’s much easier to think about non-critically, with the idea that God has a Frequency. Life has a pulse, and outside of this pulse nothing lasts.

Or as the Taoist alchemists put it: Life tracks Essence.

So Rumi offered the body itself, the mere ass, as the teacher of the mind that rides it. “This one knows the way better than I.”

Because Life – Biological Life – which has ruled this planet for nearing on 4 Billion Years at least, tracks the Pulse of Essence, and this Pulse is the Frequency of God.

Or as the Taoists put it without the Western egocentrism, the Way.

The Way that can be named is not the Eternal Way.

So the Shinto priest told Joseph Campbell:

We have no ideology
We have no theology
We dance

And this Dance is, as has long been known in the appropriate circles, is the origin of art, of music, dance and theater.

This Frequency is also the Root of Socrates’ teaching, though the secular materialists have taken him rather to be merely the father of the rationalist method, rather than the Rational Apostle of a Divine Transcendent Mystery. The Exponent of Eleusis.

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